Lose your fear of Public Speaking by playing a game!

And if you already are pretty good at Public Speaking, move into the Top 10 % of all Speakers ...

by learning some powerful tools!

It is a well known fact, that Public Speaking is a very essential skill in business: 

Because if you cannot effectively communicate to a larger audience than just 1 or 2 people, your ability to scale your exposure and your business will always be limited, especially as a Coach & Trainer, but also as a Business Executive. 

Problem is: Most people are terrified of Speaking in Public. 

To help you overcome this fear we created a shortucut by teaching you in the fastest, most efficient and fun way possible, based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities: 

By Playing a Game!

THE MASTER PRESENTER EXPERIENCE is a game that will help you overcome your Fear of Public Speaking in no time and excell into the Top 10 % of Speakers - while having a lot of fun doing it.

And those of you that already are experienced speakers: We'll put your skills to the test with the game and let you lead by example.

Apart from that we will practice several skills when speaking and we have 5 different levels to make it easy even for those of you that never spoke in front of people yet 

Are you not a native english speaker and are your language skills a bit rusty? Don't worry: You will be able to interact in your mother tongue (german) and still get the same benefits out of the experience. 

So give yourself a push and move into the expanded Growth and Learning zone: LET'S PLAY!

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Based on the studies about the best way to learn

thru interaction and activities, we developed a game, that is not only fun but will teach you most important parts of presenting in a very entertaining way.

This workshop is not for you if 

  • you expect a boring, class-room style teaching environment
  • you like sleeping during a workshop
  • you are happy with where you are right now - in terms of presenting
  • learning is a nuisance to you
  • and you already know it all

BUT if you are

  • ready and open for new strategies and techniques
  • eager to be thinking outside of the box
  • happy with a dramatic performance increase on stage
  • always ready to learn
  • and willing to play a bigger game

this evening is for you! We are looking forward to playing with you,

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

CEO and Founder of


Karl der Grosse, Kirchgasse 14, 8001 Zürich

Next time Playing:

January 31st, 2019, 19 - 22 h


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