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To make the event more interesting and valuable to you we invited some of our Top Students to give you their Best Content. Enjoy the Value they provide in their short Keynote Presentations, using the strategies that you will learn that day!

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Our Guest Speakers in Zurich, Feb 16th, 2018

Philipp Vollenweider



Our pension plan is becoming more and more volatile and we are moving into an uncertain future. Fact is that there are no guarantees that the money we pay into our retirement fund will still be there when we retire.

In his presentation Philipp will show you how to take control over your financial  future in 3 simple steps so that you can retire with the lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

Phlipp Vollenweider has been an HR & Executive Consultant for more than 18 years and is now helping individuals to reach their Financial  Freedom Goals. He works closely with the Swiss Institute for Financial Literacy by leading one of the Cashflow Clubs in Schaffhausen.

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Andreas Müller



Are you afraid of taking the next step in your life and/or business because you are thinking of all the negative things that could happen?

In his presentation Andreas will show you his formula that clarifies the real risk and the factors you have control over.

Reduce the risk of your next step - regardless what that next step would be - to move forward effortlessly!

Andreas Müller has been working in the Fire Prevention Industry for more than a decade and is now using his knowledge about risk minimization to help his students overcome their fear of failure, loosing money and taking risks. 

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Cornelia Handschin



Has this ever happened to you, too,  that you should do a presentation and you felt as if every word was just stuck in your throat? 

Did your heart race and were you afraid people might hear your heart pounding? Did your head turn red like a tomato or did your face  turn pale like a corpse? 

In her training Cornelia will reveal a simple technique that can be used in all the cases above - with spectacular results!

Cornelia Handschin has been a Musician and Hypnotherapist for more than 30 years and has helped numerous students to overcome their fear of public speaking or publicly playing an instrument.

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James Dand



Do you have concerns about not being able to stand-out from all the other ‘experts’ around?

Are you worried that you may not get the sales you want or need to succeed?

In his presentation, James will reveal how you can differentiate yourself from 95% of all other speakers out there, and positively influence the attendees to make more sales, all through the applied use of music. 

Having trained thousands of people over a 17-year period as a university lecturer and lifestyle coach, James is now a leading Empowerment Songwriter; with songs that inspire and motivate people to achieve more in their lives. He also creates personal-branded songs for companies and speakers to elevate their brand and increase sales.

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Christine Rall



There is a secret psychology to success and leadership.

Most people don´t know about it, that´s why most people never become successful, happy and free.

In her Keynote Speech Christine Rall will share with you a very personal story and give you 3 valuable lessons  about Personal Leadership , directly applicable in your life and business.


For more than 20 years Christine Rall has worked as an independent trainer and coach in various areas and industries, from huge DAX listed companies like Siemens to smaller KMUs as well as government departments. She helps to empower people with love and authenticity and to include learning into their daily lives.  Christine is the founder of Christine Rall Leaderclass and Leadership-Excellence Academy. 

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