The biggest problem in our competitive environment...

image449 to be DIFFERENT, to stand out, to be UNIQUE. Because in the absence of a Unique Selling Position - or in other words of "Brand Value" - people just tend to deviate to the cheaper offer.

Are you a recognized Expert in your field and are people listening to you?

Or are you more or less un-known, un-recognized

is your pipeline of leads dried up 

and do you work 24/7 - with little to no results?

If you cannot clearly market your value to people, 

you and your business won't make it. 

You will stay un-recognized, never get paid what you are worth  

and unfortunately never reach your full potential. 

Branding is the KEY...

to stand out and set yourself apart from your competition, 

to have people look up to you as the go-to person and to listen to you.

and PUBLIC SPEAKING is the fastest way to get there

Not just being a "talking head" -

but being able to captivate, engage and inspire your audience will set you apart.

Rise above the "Sea of Everything" by BRANDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS!


Use one of the best offline strategies to create leverage 

for you - as an authority figure - and for your business:

by SPEAKING ON STAGE - in a powerful, impactful and inspiring way!

What you will learn at the 1 DAY Brand By Speaking Event:



We will create your unique selling proposition (USP) & your emotional brand with this formula.

Get absolute Clarity on how to position and brand yourself and how to maximize your strengths. 

This will rise you above the “Sea of Everything”, set yourself apart from your competition and will let your market know why you are the Go-to-person to solve their problems



Learn how to not only speak, but how to  captivate & engage your Audience and have them hooked to your content right from the start. 

We will show you proven techniques only World-Class Presenters use. 

Create your own Powerful Intro Sequence you can use in any presentation for maximum credibility, because the beginning of any presentation is the most crucial part: 

Your audience is the most skeptical – and you are the most nervous. Present it to a group to get practice and direct feedback.



In the last part we will add inspirational tools to your skillset and will play THE WORLDCLASS PRESENTER EXPERIENCE™ - a fast paced game that will show your progress right there on the spot. 

VIP Tickets will get the opportunity to share their Brand with the audience and to get their Money Shot from stage - an essential marketing piece to start adding  authority and credibility to your brand.

What Participants of Brand by Speaking say:

Kyle Bullus, Toastmaster & Speaker Coach

"Great lessons, very real and authentic - go to one of Nathalie's sessions, loads of valueable content"

Michael Schwab, Corporate Trainer:

"highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills!"

Hicham Adamou, Toastmasters officer, Luxembourg:

"Condensed learning, great lessons about branding - and a great way to learn effectively about public speaking in a short period of time! As a member of Toastmaster the lessons about Public Speaking were complimenting our Toastmasters techniques perfectly - highly recommend it!"

More voices of attendees:

Linda Stähli, Mollis

" Nathalie is a great teacher. She draws you into her teaching and makes it very easy and simple for you to step out and apply her points."

Catherine Schoepfer, Zug

" Even though I've done already some trainings in the past, this workshop gave me additional tools that will be able to use in my future speeches.  I   recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to step into speaking or get better in speaking not only on stage but in any circumstance: work, family etc."   

Yvonne Schlechtweg, Freiburg DE

"It was a great experience being part of this seminar. The values I take from this   time are really practical & implementable to build up an own programm & strucure for my business."

Susanne Schelletter, Hamburg

"I  recommend Nathalie's Brand By Speaking program. You learn so much, especially about yourself. Very good techniques with clarity are given. Also great people around! Thank you! "

Stephany Jones, Möhlin

 "Great  day, packed with practical learning & experiences. Work with the time  & investment. Easy to use tools & pragnatic approach to public  speaking.      saw   things from a new perspective and had a further and deeper understanding of  the material."    

Kenneth Kurtzweg, Weissensberg D

"I could use and practice with all the material I learned. In addition, despite being at the seminar last year I saw things from a new perspective and had a further and deeper understanding of the material.

As a Guest Speaker I greatly valued the chance to have the stage to present something that has been deep inside me for a long time, namely my mission in life and to bring it out to a very receptive audience."

Katrin Rossi, Zurich

"A great day filled with lots of feedback & practice."

Iris Vollenweider, Freienstein

"BrandBySpeaking is something for Beginners and Experts. Most of all for People who have an audience or customers in front of them. The impact you get by using these techniques can improve a lot!"

Corinne Steiner, Zurich

"Get out of my comfortzone and go with the first draft showed me how to go with the flow. Thank you for the push to speak and the support and the know-how to  improve."

Andras Kapros, Zurich

"Nathalie is a knowledgable presenter. Her workshops are forcing you to practice and learn by doing which is the quickest way to improve your skillset and   personal brand."

Michael Schwab, Oberengstringen

"Nathalie is such a great support to help people how learning to speak on stage. Authentic, clear and fun. She covers all to have a great day to brand yourself by speaking."

James Dand, Kent - UK

 "Informative program that delivers simple but effective processes & techniques to   enhance your branding & speaking ability. I trully recommend it." 

We will also cover throughout the program:

The Confidence Booster & Fear Eliminator Technique™


Tools & Techniques to strengthen your Self-Confidence on Stage, get rid of nervousness & stage freight and to raise your ability to stay present any time, anywhere - a key skill every great teacher and leader needs to master.

The Media Maximizer Advantage™


VIP TICKETS ONLY: present the most important part of your prepared Intro from stage to the whole audience, get your Money Shot (your picture on stage) and immediately use it for your marketing: Put it in your Website, Social Media and Biography to instantly raise your Credibility and Expert Status, because a picture says more than a 1000 words!

The Accelerated Learning Technique™


Unlock the Secret Vault to your Brain and learn More, Faster, Better:

This is not your ordinary business program where you sit and wait until it’s over, bored, checking your watch and looking forward to the next break. During the whole program we are using 

The Accelerated Learning Technique™

By engaging you in the processes, practicing, role & game playing and many exercises, we stimulate both your left and right brain so that you retain more of what you learn, have fun doing so and walk out of the program prepared to directly implement what you learned in your business. 

Daniel Gasser, motivational Speaker about Brand by Speaking:

"I found out how to brand myself and how to create a bond with my audience, did not imagine all that possible in a 1 day training! Highly recommend the Brand by Speaking Event"

Gaspar da Silva, IT Specialist from Zurich about our Brand by Speaking event:

"Increased my confidence in Public Speaking and saw that I can do it! I'm applying the speaking formula I learned at the Brand by Speaking to all my business meetings - and people love it!"

Gaspar da Silva, Zurich

"This program gives instant value to the participants because it has practical tools which can be implemented in any business. The Brand By Speaking is like a cook book. But only much simpler  to follow and achive tangible results. The Team at TheVictoryLog is very enthusiastic in delivering outstanding content with great added value. Having the time to put in practice the exercises was  essential."

Aaron John Hale, Zurich

"Nathalie  shares a wealth of knowledge in a fun & professional environment. The event provides a safe environment to explore the joy & fears of public   speaking."

Miriam Lau, München

"Great  framework for presentations, I feel less afraid to talk in public now. I came in with not knowing what to expect and being nervous. But I left with   motivation to present right away and get myself out there. Thank you!"    

Sunday Marbach, Zurich

"I was challenged to create something within a short time. The training was empowering and helped me to rethink about my personal development journey. I never knew speaking presents different avenues.  "  

Joanna Schneider, Zurich

"Wonderful  training for anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. Highly   recommend it."  

Christian Erhard, Zurich

"The event provided a helpful structure, plenty of opportunity to practice, high energy throughout the day. "

Desirée van der Laan, Zurich

"A lot  of new tools and methods to practice. 10/24/7. I can understand more on how to get the audience. "

Sebastian Kopanski, UK

"I got many chances to enhance my skills! Great workshop, perfect pace, Energy,  Knowledge, Experience, Awesome Organisation."

Diana Blanco, Oniedo - ES

"It was a simple structure of the content, easy to follow, I got help to create my speech, highly appreciatiated the content value!"

Daniela Babjakova, Zurich

"A very  good experience, interactive, good energy, speaker is a real pro like the whole support of team! :-)" 

Regina Meier, Zurich

"Thank you for organizing this great event, learned a lot in a very positive   environment. I can only recommend it!"

Frank Bose, Zug

"This was a fun, energy learning program with tons of games and practice to reherse the learnings. Program focuses on action and does not bore the audience with theory."

And even more great testimonials...

Andreas Müller, Rieladingen DE

"It was a great experience and learning/repetition on how to present in an interesting way so people get a lot more impact out of your presentation."

Anette Schreiber, Frankfurt -DE

"Well  structured program which gives a great and useful opportunity which can be elaborated later on individually. Content applicable to no matter which   industry and position. Fun and valuable exchange to put into practice and leverage my business."

Sylvia Schmid, Benzenschwil

"Nathalie is very professional and gave a top performance."

Cornelia Handschin, Niederhelfenschwil

"I had an awesome training with Nathalie who prepared me for my speech on stage."

Elmar Walthert, Kleinwangen

"I got lots of suggestions to increase the attention of my audience, useful   practical tools, interesting guestspeakers."

Remy van Loon, Saint Louis, France

"It was a great experience, powerful day, great content."

Mat Lanfear, Zurich

 "It was a great experiential workshop, I was getting more clarity on my message." 

Hicham Adamou, Zurich

 "Appliable, easy 1 day learnings, covering various aspects of speaking and branding." 

Raphael Ueberwasser, Zurich

 "Being on stage was definitly worth the money!" 

Your Lead Trainer

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl combines both in a unique way.

Her Programs are effective & efficient, adding at least 5 - 10 Return on Investment to her clients.

The results prove that outstanding success does not necessarily require a lot of time.

More about Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

More about Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

JT Foxx interviews Nathalie about Branding by Speaking

Watch what JT Foxx and Nathalie Dahl have to say in Johannisburg why branding by speaking is a shortcut to success



"Nathalie is one of the few people, I have to keep up with... gonna do this project and that project - I turn around, and the project is done... She has proven that wherever she goes, she is unflappable, if somebody throws a problem at her, she doesn't even blink" 

Blair Singer at Nathalie's Certification Ceremony (Level 2 Trainer at BSTA - Blair Singer Training Academy)

We Believe



Deep down you know it - and we believe it.  Question is: 

Does the rest of the world know it, too? The Keys are: 

Education * Training * Branding

in SHORTCUTS to Success


Don't get us wrong here: There is work required, this is no get-rich-quick scheme, in fact, there ARE no silver bullets or ultimate solutions to success in business. But there are shortcuts. And we are about to show you one of the most valuable ones.



The absolute fastest way to position yourself as the Go-To-Person, as the Expert, is to position yourself in front of a room.

IMMEDIATLY - and naturally - people look up to you, seek your advice and want to do business with you.

Date & Location

April 4th, 2020 from 9 am to approximately 7 pm

Mövenpick Hotel Zurich Airport

Walter Mittelholzerstr. 8

8152 Zürich-Glattbrugg

+41 44 808 88 88



* front row seating 

* Money Shot from stage

NOW only CHF 497  (regular price CHF 997)


Early Bird: now only CHF 197

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